The New High Flex Prosthetic Knee Accommodates a Higher Degree of Bending for Total Knee Replacement Recipients

For man Britains who suffer from osteoarthritis, pain has become a part of every day life. In some cases, total knee replacement may be the best option for relief. But many individuals may not take that step, fearing further limitations in their daily activities. A new total knee replacement implant can help put those concerns to rest.

The NexGen ® Complete Knee Solution LPS-Flex Fixed Bearing Knee offers a new option for those osteoarthritis patients who want to continue their active lifestyle after total knee replacement. For patients with the ability and desire, the Flex Fixed Knee is designed to accommodate resumption of deep knee bending activities. Early diagnosis, good preoperative flexibility and appropriate rehabilitation (physical therapy) can help a patient's chance for success.

The Flex Fixed Knee replacement is the first knee specifically designed to safely accommodate flexibility of up to 155 degrees. Many activities of daily living require good range of motion, such as climbing stairs (75-140 degrees) and sitting in a chair (90-130 degrees). Hobbies such as gardening and golfing or activities such as kneeling and sitting cross-legged can demand an even greater degree of bending. Generally, knee replacements have been designed to accommodate flexibility up to 125 degrees.